55-2000 - Industrial Twist Tie Ribbon

Compatible with Tach It Twist Tie Machines

Fast Facts

  • Industrial Twist Tie Ribbon.
  • Designed for heavy products or hard to contain products.
  • Paper/Paper with 2 24 gauge wires.
  • White color (other colors available in 30 spool increments).
  • 2000 feet per spool.
  • For use in ring tyers, large capacity twist tie machines, and can be easily cut-to-length by scissor or machine for hand tying.


Tach-It 55-2000 Industrial Paper/Paper Twist Tie Ribbon is 1/4 inch wide and has 2 24 gauge wires laminated within it that are spaced 1/8 inch apart. Each spool contains 2000 feet and is specially wound on a plastic spool to avoid tangling during use. Tach-It Industrial Twist Tie Ribbons can be used on ring tyers, large capacity twist tie machines on the market today, or can be easily cut to length for hand twist tying.


Spool: Diameter - 10 inch, Width - 3 1/2 inch Core Size: 1 inch Weight: 8.2 Lbs Material: Paper/Paper Wire Gauge: 2 wires - 24 gauge Wire Spacing: 1/8 inch Material per Spool: 2000 feet Spool Construction: Plastic