We carry a wide range of tape dispensers, tape applicators, and box sealers that make it easy to use the correct amount of tape and effectively close and secure your packaging every time. Pulling and applying the tape manually can be time consuming, and it's easy to make mistakes. Using more tape than needed can add up quickly and increase the cost of consumables significantly.

Tach-It has a tape dispenser for any situation, including mechanical, electric, manual, automatic, and semi-automatic models for dispensing and applying tape. L clip box sealer models solve this issue with features like programmable tape length presets, easy to adjust lengths, intuitive controls, and compatibility with most tape types and sizes.

Choose from a variety of tools and machines to solve the issues in your particular operation. Options include everything from small tabletop and handheld manual tape dispensers to larger fully automatic L clip box sealers. If you’re unsure which option is right for you, talk to our team, and we’ll help you find the best one to increase your efficiencies!

Tape Dispenser