05-230 Beige - Standard TachIt Twist Tie Ribbon

Price per box; 5 spools per box

Compatible with Tach It Twist Tie Machines

Fast Facts

  • Bio-degradable twist Tie Ribbon for Tach-It Hand-Held Twist Tie Machine #3510
  • Designed for agricultural applications.
  • 230 feet per spool.
  • Beige Paper/Paper ribbon.
  • Specially wound to avoid tangling and feeding problems.
  • 5 spools per box.


Tach-It 05-230 Paper/Paper beige colored 5/32 inch wide twist tie ribbon has 230 feet per spool and is specially wound for trouble free unwinding. This material is designed exclusively for use our Tach-It Model #3510 and our Model #3510A Hand Held Twist Tie Machines.

How it Works

Our twist tie equipment is easy to use. You simply load the twist tie ribbon into the machine and you are ready to go. This ribbon pairs with our #3510A and our #3510 Hand Held Twist Tie Machines