Excellent Product!

Excellent product. The calibration switch is extremely sensitive so one millimeter move will offset the calibration by two inches. Very sturdy (like 30 pounds) and very basic. We use it almost 24/7 in our operation and is still going. Highly recommended,

Great & Reliable Machine

I currently own five of these for my home business and I'm about to purchase two more. I haven't had problems with any of them. I've used both the "double" tape and single tape configurations without any problems. I've used the machine with heavier plastic tapes and with paper masking tape successfully. 

Loads Easy, Clear Directions

Yahoo. Finally something that is logical and "just works". Loads easily, clear directions - but design is totally intuitive. Using 1.5 in clear mailing labels to label anything works perfectly. Light weight so user fatigue may be low. Worth the price because it actually works. Yahoo!

Best Tape Gun at Any Price

This is a top quality tape gun. A lot of manufacturers throw around the term "Heavy Duty" so it has really lost it's meaning. However this tape gun is as good as it gets. I have worked in a very large distribution center for 6 years, and I have spent 10 hours operating a tape gun at times. I know a good tape gun as soon as I pick one up.

Great Product

Great! Thank you. Works as expected and has a good feel to it. Not flimsy. Solid metal construction, saves us a lot of time when using stickers on our company's boxes.

Five Stars

I have two guns that have lasted several years in my retail operation. I purchased a new one for my warehouse people and they love it!!!

Easy to Operate

If you have lots of twisting to do, this machine is a huge timesaver and does perfectly tightly twisted ties with one quick movement.
No jams, easy to operate and makes a once tedious task fun!