17-2000 - Twist Tie Machine Polycore - 8 Colors Available

Compatible with Tach It Twist Tie Machines

Fast Facts

  • Non-Metallic Twist Tie Ribbon for Tach-It Model #3567 Twist Tie Machinery.
  • The industry's only proven and accepted non-metallic twist tie ribbon.
  • For use in bakeries, food service, and any application where a twist tie closure is preferred but a product needs to pass through metal detection after final packaging, needs to be microwaved, or put through and autoclave.
  • Gives a tight, economical, customer-preferred closure.
  • Can be re-used.
  • Available in Tan, Yellow, Orange, Black, Blue, Red, Green, White
  • Available in 8 colors for date coding or to match packaging colors and brand identification.
  • Large rolls for high production machinery and less roll changeovers.


Tach-It's industry proven and exclusive 17-2000 colored Polycore Non-Metallic Laminated Paper/Plastic Twist Tie Ribbon can be used on the Tach-It Model #3567, Model #3570, and most automated twist tying equipment in the market today. Able to pass through metal detection without alarm and usable in microwaves and autoclaves, this material is 5/32 inch wide and has 2000 feet per spool. Available in Tan, Yellow, Orange, Black, Blue, Red, Green, White



Spool: Diameter - 8 1/4 inch, Width - 2 inch
Core Size: 1 inch
Weight: 1 1/2 Lbs
Material: Plastic/Paper
Wire Gauge: Non-metallic twist tie ribbon - no metal wire contained.
Material per Spool: 2000 feet
Spool Construction: Plastic